Why? And How?

The business case for changing workplace culture and managing stress effectively

19 April 2018

Speaker: Emily Pearson, Head of Workplace Wellbeing, The Centre for Wellbeing, Newcastle-upon Tyne

Emily said that she believed that senior managers needed to understand that the wellbeing of their staff was a key factor in establishing a productive and efficient workplace She said even one team member displaying signs of stress was enough to disrupt the team’s work culture but she also pointed out that it was often difficult for line managers and work colleagues to identify when someone was struggling at the boundary between ‘good pressure’ that helps individuals to perform better and unacceptable ‘stress’ – the point at which the level of pressure becomes overwhelming. Her wide ranging presentation also looked at ways of managing employees’ stress at work so that individuals received support to help prevent serious mental illness and the business case for workplace wellbeing initiatives. She also generated a lively discussion with members.

Download a summary of the main points from the meeting.

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