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Welcome to the IOSH Singapore Branch, representing health and safety professionals in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brunei and Globally.

Year 2020 marked a significant milestone for IOSH (Singapore) branch. We have been in Singapore for 10 years and will continue to contribute for good in this region. To mark this remarkable milestone, our EXCO20/21 is planning something exciting and memorable for all our members. A task force has been set up for this 10th Anniversary event and we will be ready to celebrate when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Since 2018, our previous EXCO led by Darren Brunton has made many breakthroughs implementing IOSH WORK 2022 strategy based on 3 pillar elements of Enhance the OSH profession, Collaborate to build strategic partnerships and Influence to strengthen IOSH impact regionally. IOSH (Singapore) branch has increased her standing within the local Authorities and internationally.

During this year AGM, we are honored to witness Er Ho Siong Hin, Senior Director for International Workplace Safety and Health at Ministry of Manpower being the first recipient of IOSH Honorary Fellowship Award in Singapore. Last year November, IOSH (Singapore) also saw one of our most successful collaboration event with Building Construction Authority over the past few years.

Moving forward, we will continue with the good momentum achieved in our enhance and collaboration efforts and we will focus on engaging young safety professionals and members around the region. With an increase presence of members in the region, our influence will be felt and amplified.

Zephan Chan, Vice Chairman of IOSH (Singapore) has the following to message for members:

“I started to volunteer in the EXCO as web champion since 2018 and has now gained the confidence to step up as Vice-Chair.

The Singapore branch has unique demography; many of our branch members reside/work outside of the country. My first task was setting up of our branch Linkedin page so that we can post news, updates and outreach to more members and professional friends. We have since managed to grow the influence of the page reaching out to more than 1600 followers (and growing) from around the world!

With the current Covid-19 situation, IOSH managed to develop a good protocol for conducting online webinars/session. When Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, we will likely continue with hybrid events that can be attended both in person and via Zoom.

I attended the IOSH annual conference held in Birmingham together with Steven in 2018. It was during this trip that I got to know him better, and now able to testify that he will be a great character to lead the branch going forward.

I look forward to great joy and learning experiences serving with the new EXCO. Please continue to give us your support.”

As this year Covid-19 is unprecedented in our humanity history. We also hope to help our members to equip themselves with opportunities, skills and knowledge of tomorrow today, so that they can emerge prepared and ready when this pandemic storm sail by.

Together we can strive higher and further. Remember calm sea makes no good sailor. Let stay united and resilience as one IOSH!

Kind regards
Steven Low
Chairman of IOSH (Singapore) Branch