Branch chair visits Perth Aiport, Australia

Jackie O'Neill, Chair of the Northern Ireland IOSH Branch had the opportunity to meet with the Health and Safety Manager of Perth Airport whilst visiting family in Perth.

With IOSH GB's five year WORK 2022 strategy having a strong focus on collaboration and global networking, Jackie felt this was an excellent opportunity not to be missed.

The purpose of the visit was to develop a relationship and open a forum with the Health and Safety team within Perth airport and exchange e-mails/contacts with local airports in Northern Ireland, UK and further afield.

Colum Costello, the OSH Manager of Perth Airport escorted Jackie on an airside tour and provided an overview as to how the airport works.


Every year around 14 million passengers pass through Perth Airport while more than 17,000 people work across the airport estate. Hundreds of maintenance personnel, electricians, engineers, heavy machinery operators and airfield operations officers work to ensure safe and secure airport operations.

Colum went on to explain with 130,000 aircraft movements each, year, this is a complex and dynamic work environment therefore safety can't be an optional extra it has to be the starting point of everything we do.

Airport Safety Week in Australian and NZ Airports. October 2017

Airport Safety Week is a safety campaign that is specifically tailored to engage with employees and contractors working on an aerodrome. The campaign is a collaboration between the Australian Airports Association (AAA) and the NZ Airports Association (NZ Airports).

UK airports have an excellent safety culture and many work with the Airport Operators Association AOA, which is the national voice of UK airports.

The UK Airports run their Airport safety week in May. Ideally the aim is to open communication channels between the UK, the AAA and NZ Airports to share best practice and forge new relationships across the globe. Already there are several conversations going on between UK/Ireland and Australian/NZ airports.

Jackie O'Neill would like to acknowledge and thank Colum Costello for his time and hospitality during the Airport visit and IOSH look forward to working in collaboration with Perth Airport in the future. Jackie O'Neill NI IOSH Branch Chair.