Northern Ireland Branch working in collaboration

Another successful event

John Ryan Serious Glee delivers a hilarious and hard hitting message on Men's Health and Wellbeing and Mental Health.

The NI IOSH Branch joined forces with BuildhealthNI & HSENI in their Ten Year Celebrations to deliver a seminar on Men's Health and Mental Health on the 18th October 2017.

The focus of the seminar was to highlight that one in four adults will experience a common mental health problem such as depression or anxiety at some time in their lives. One in five men will die before they are 65 years old.

The Construction Industry have struggled to get male construction workers to consider their own health and wellbeing. Through a unique style of stand-up John Ryan pitched his presentation with an element of humour to get across an important message.

Jackie O'Neill NI IOSH Branch Chair stated that comedy is a great way of tackling issues that people may not ordinarily want to talk about. The team wanted to do something different with the audience and not deliver the usual lecture. John Ryan was able to involve the entire audience who happily shared their own health issues and fully participated in the event.

The event was also supported by other speakers such as:

  • John Foster from Inspire who delivered a session on recognising early symptoms and rehabilitation
  • Andrew Cooke from Grahams who provided an Industry perspective of mental health matters in Construction
  • Nancy Henry from HSENI who asked the all-important question, are your workers surviving or thriving?
  • Caroline McMeniman The Red Dutchess. Caroline bravely told her own story about how she is living with OCD daily and how she manages her own mental health. Caroline is a lifestyle blogger and delivers sessions in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

The event was attended by over 100 participants who spent most of the day in laughter. Without a doubt one of the most productive and worthwhile events held locally in Northern Ireland for some time.