Manchester and North West Districts Branch recent events


07 September 2021
Catastrophe and Systemic Change | Presentation
Speaker: Gill Kernick, Author of Catastrophe and Systemic Change, Speaker, Safety, Culture & Leadership and Master Consultant at JMJ Associates.

03 August 2021
The link between OSH and EMS | Presentation
Speaker: Andrew Lomas, OSH Project Manager at Thyssenkrupp

06 July 2021
Business Fire Safety - What we do in Cheshire
Speaker: Tracey Carter, Business Fire Safety Manager at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

02 March 2021
The evolution of the PUWER Assessment by David Stancill | Presentation
Alpha Low Risk LOTO card - download
Pallet Inverter Training Specification - download


01 December 2020 - Webinar
Developing your knowledge of behavioural modification tactics - Part 4
Rebecca Stevens and Rachel Valentine, Behavioural change experts 

17 November 2020 - Webinar
Developing your ability to have coaching conversations - Part 3
Rebecca Stevens and Rachel Valentine, Behavioural change experts 

04 November 2020 - Webinar
Developing an understanding of your language and communication style - Part 2
Rebecca Stevens and Rachel Valentine, Behavioural change experts 

20 October 2020 - Webinar
Developing your self awareness about your impact: Part 1
Rebecca Stevens and Rachel Valentine, Behavioural change experts 

6 October 2020 - Webinar
Managing the after-effects of COVID on workplace mental health    | Presentation
Ngozi Weller, Aurora Wellness

22 September 2020 - Webinar
Empathy & Emotional Intelligence
Heather Beach, The Healthy Work Company

08 September 2020 - Webinar
Using Leading and Lagging Indicators to Improve Safety CulturePresentation
Paul Bizzell, RyderMarsh

25 August 2020 - Webinar
Situational Risk Management – links with security  |  Presentation
Andrew Protheroe, PCR Global

11 August 2020 - Webinar
Personal branding – why is it important in Safety and where do I start?  |  Presentation
Laura Aucott, HSE Recruitment

13 July 2020 - Webinar 
North Branches and Districts: Covid-19-Mitigating the effects - Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing
Andrew Sharman, IOSH President 
Louise Hosking, IOSH Vice President 
Chris Knagg, IOSH Manchester Branch & Northwest Districts Chair 2018-2020

07 July 2020 - Zoom meeting
Nationwide Platforms MEWP Zoom Masterclass
A 50 min session that will update delegates on safer and more productive MEWP selection & planning off the backdrop of the HSE’s guidance note GEIS6.
Speaker: Matthew Parfitt from Nationwide Platforms

30 June 2020 - Webinar 
Drugs and alcohol issues around homeworking
Leigh Williams, CEO, Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (CADAS)

02 June 2020 - Webinar 
Behavioural Science and COVID-19; how to create environments that support the behaviours required to flatten the curve
Bob Cummings, CEO and Founder of SODAK Limited
Presentation | Answers to questions

19 May 2020 - Webinar 
Thrive to survive
Ian Finney, Action Coach
PresentationeBook resource

02 April 2020 - Webinar 
Looking after your health and wellbeing during isolation
Paul Thompson, PT Health Coaching


April 2019
Colin Rider CFIOSH, EurOSHM, CMSE®, Certified Machinery Safety Expert from Messam Rider provided us with a great insight into Work Equipment and Machinery; responsibilities for suppliers and users at our April 2019 talk.

March 2019 - Vibration

February 2019 - DSEAR

January 2019 - Prove you are the Right Candidate
Speakers: Ciara Hamilton and Paul Day-Griffiths, Hays


13 November 2018 - Legal Update
Speaker: Pinsent Masons

July 2018 - Fire and Rescue Services Roles and Capabilities

April 2018 - Accident Investigation


November 2017 - Legal Update

June 2017 - Dynamic Fire Risk Assessment

09 May 2017 - Manchester Branch AGM 2017

11 April 2017 - Environmental Risk Liabilities
Speaker: Claire Gregory, Pinsent Masons

March 2017 - Wellbeing at Work

14 February 2017 -  Communicating the safety message
Speaker: Chris Davidson, Active Presence.

10 January 2017 - Health and Wellbeing managing it in the workplace
Speaker: Sharon De Mascia, Occupational Psychologist; Director, Cognoscenti.