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We are committed to developing IOSH’s work and supporting its members both in the Northwest, Nationally and Internationally. The Northwest has a wide diverse industry base including agriculture, food, aerospace, construction, chemical, textiles, nuclear and many more. But we also have a large workforce in education, administration and warehousing too, not forgetting many self-employed workers. You can find IOSH members in all aspects of these industry sectors. The health and safety at work challenges are the same here as in other areas of the country.

There are over 3000 members of IOSH based here in the Northwest and I know they are making a difference every day. That said, the way we work and live is continuously evolving and we must change and adapt to evolve with it. To be effective, the health and safety profession must continue to understand the positive role it plays in keeping people safe and well. We must strengthen the profession. Practitioners must continue to develop and evolve, reflecting and navigating the rapidly changing world of work. We must give professionals the tools they need to be more effective. Collectively, we must work to confront and address poor perceptions of health and safety and build appreciation for the added value the profession provides. The knowledge gathered by IOSH members looking after people’s health and safety at work, whether it’s through research, innovation or lessons learned from mistakes, can move the health and safety profession forward and raise standards in worker protection.

Increasingly, our members are called on to lead in areas such as financial risk, wellbeing, ethical practices and security. Forward-thinking organisations are recognising the value they bring beyond health and safety risk management.  With this in mind I firmly believe that many businesses should have and would significantly benefit from having a safety professional in the board room working alongside other directors. Failure to include health and safety as a key business risk in board decisions can have catastrophic results. Many high-profile safety cases over the years have been rooted in failures of leadership. Health and safety is integral to success. Boards that do not show leadership in this area are failing in their duty as directors and their moral duty and are damaging their organisation.

As Chair of IOSH Manchester Branch & Northwest Districts, I offer my personal invitation to YOU and any of your Colleagues, Managers & Directors to attend any of the IOSH meetings and informative presentations with access to networking, CPD & IPD assistance.

Hope to meet you soon.

Chris Knagg
Chair - Manchester and North West Districts Branch

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