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Welcome from the Chair

Being Chairman of the Hong Kong branch at the current coronavirus pandemic time is really my honour. This reminds us that life is full of unexpected surprises. We should fully equip ourselves to face the challenge in the future.

This is particularly true when safety and health are at the crossroad to adopt the latest technologies for better safety and health performance.

Since the publication of the Roadmap for ‘Construction 2.0’, the Hong Kong Government has taken a series of actions including establishment of a Construction Innovation and Technology Application Centre and a Construction Innovation and Technology Fund. A number of public works contracts have been using the latest project communication technologies to enhance the construction industry performance in public works contracts, in particular in the area of safety and health. These latest technologies including Building Information Modelling; Artificial Intelligence; Augmented Reality and Internet of Things are now used in a fraction of the public works contracts.

In the remainder of my tenure, I would like to invite a number of service providers and academics to give electronic conferences to further explain the usages and limitations of these latest technologies to our members in order to upkeep their operational needs and career development to face the future challenge.

IOSH Hong Kong branch has reached the 20th Anniversary of establishment. A special 20th anniversary book is to be published to celebrate the achievements of the branch. We thank for the support we have received along our journey and aspire to thrive in all endeavor in the future. In my tenure, I would like to further establish links with local organisations and raise the status of IOSH amongst Hong Kong institutions and organisations.

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the APOSHO 35th Conference that was planned to be held in Malaysia was cancelled. I would like to give my deepest appreciation for those who organized and contributed to the APOSHO 35.

Finally, I am very looking forward to serving all the members of the Hong Kong branch with the best of my knowledge.

KONG Tze-man Stephen
IOSH Hong Kong

Chairman, 2020/2021

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Hong Kong member benefits

There are lots of readily available benefits for IOSH members and in addition to this you can enjoy the following discounts by presenting your membership card in Hong Kong:

  • 10% discount at Swindon Book Co. Ltd.
  • 10% discount at Hong Kong Book Centre Ltd.
  • 10% discount at Kelly & Walsh Ltd.
  • Discount and special offers at Chanti Wine Ltd. with completed special postal order form

To find out more about these benefits and any restrictions that apply, please download this document.

Safety Training Certificate

The branch has successfully been authorised by the Labour Department to issue Mandatory Basic Safety Training Certificates (Green Cards) to our eligible members under Section 6BA(4) of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance.

Chartered Fellows, Chartered, Graduate and Technical Members can apply for the Green Card free of charge provided that they have undertaken no less than 5 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes in the immediate past 12 months. They also need to have updated their relevant knowledge through CPD programmes from time to time.

Members who wish to apply for the Green Cards should submit a completed application form, and send it together with one copy of a valid CPD certificate with a recent photograph to the Administrative Officer, Mr Raymond MAN via email or by post.