East Anglia Branch recent events

March 2021 - Webinar 
How Accidents And Near Miss Reporting can Transform Your Safety Culture

22 January 2021 - webinar
Presidential team update

21 January 2021 - webinar
Legionella - a case study

13 November 2020 - webinar
Human factors - the driving force in safety evolutionPresentationResource list

16 September 2020 - webinar
Silicosis - the legal position

28 August 2020 
It's on the ball - Dr Marcin Nazaruk, Baker Hughes

July 2020
Going through the grades

28 February 2020
H&S Excellence in Construction
The Grenfell Ripple – how will it affect construction?
by Malcolm Shiels MSc CFIOSH FaPS
Driving Safety Through Training & Awareness
by Prince Build
Managing Health and Wellbeing in Highways Construction
by A14 Integrated Delivery Team
Managing Contractual Relationships

November 2019
Back to Working Well: a more helpful understanding of pain
by Cindy Gaimster, Rehab for Work / East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Stress & Building Organisational Resilience
by Matthew Hatson, NEXUS8

October 2019
“Is slip safety always elusive” - by Christian Harris – Slip Safety Service

October 2019
What the future of PPE can learn from sports science - by Ronnie Irani - Orthosole
You’re only doing statutory inspections - by Jason Kennan - Boston Energy

26 June 2019 - Fire - Feeling the Heat - Event Programme
Complacency during evacuation - Gary Laird
Major Fire Experience: Living the Event & Setting the Scene - Neil Catton
Crisis Command and Being in the Hot Seat - Russ Timpson

30 November 2018 - Health and safety defending liability claims
Birketts presentation
Aviva presentation

19 October 2018 - MSDs: prevention, practicalities and avoiding prosecution
Back pain at work and everywhere else - Chris Boynes
Managing MSD's as work changes the challenges and opportunities

20 April 2018 - Driving at work
Safe Driving Awareness Workshop

24 November 2017 - Health care regulatory update

20 October 2017 - Asbestos Management and the role of a Consultant
Consultancy Group presentation
Asbestos work categories
Asbestos building
Practical asbestos management

24 March 2017 - CDM and Presidential address
Presidential address - Craig Foyle
CDM - Phillip Baker
CDM - Paul Haxell

07 April 2017 - Occupational water safety
Introduction and overview - Alan Plom
Occupational water safety - Steve Jackson
Waterwise training - Jeremy Melhuish

03 May 2017 - Health management, not stealth management
Kizzy Augustin, Pinsent Masons
Ivan Searle and Paul Wrathmall, British Sugar
Andy Gillies, on behalf of BOHS
Ronni Irani, OrthoSole Insoles
Matt Birtles, HSL