Hybrid Automotive Safety Workshop

The National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) hosted members of the IOSH Caribbean Branch (CB) to at their Pt. Lisas Campus, for a workshop on Hybrid Automotive Safety on Friday 27th September 2019. The workshop was conducted by the following NESC instructors:

  • Rohan Kanhai - Automotive Services Technician Instructor - Point Lisas Campus
  • Selwyn Jagessar - Heavy Equipment Technician Instructor - Point Lisas Campus
  • Landon Chuck Hoy - Automotive Services Technician Instructor - Debe Campus

The workshop commenced with a classroom session where the fundamentals of hybrid vehicles were conveyed to the attendees. These vehicles are powered by both fossil fuels such as gasoline and electricity. The electricity is either generated by the vehicle’s engine, regenerative braking or in some cases, acquired by plugging the vehicle into an electrical outlet.

Hybrid vehicles contain high voltage systems, a hazard that must be considered when conducting maintenance activities. Utilizing specific tools, such as gloves and test equipment rated for high voltage works, along with safe work procedures, allow maintenance activities similar to a traditionally powered vehicle.

Components unique to hybrid vehicles such as dual motor (electric and fossil fuel), high voltage battery and AC/DC converters were discussed. A hybrid vehicle is operated much like a normal vehicle with minor differences. Some topics specific to hybrid vehicles such as operating procedures under normal and emergency working conditions, as well as maintenance schedules and components were considered and discussed.

The workshop was then shifted to NESC’s garage, where hybrid vehicles were on display and participants were able to ask questions and view the components specific to hybrid vehicles. This gave persons a first-hand look at safety features associated with these vehicles as well as the safety procedures which should be followed when conducting maintenance works on hybrid vehicles.

Jenelle Duff, IOSH CB Secretary thanked NESC for facilitating the workshop at their facility and for providing a wealth of information to members and prospective members present for the event.

The fundamentals of hybrid vehicle technology - presentation