Children’s Safety Day


The Cipriani College of Labour & Co-operative Studies invited the IOSH Caribbean Branch (CB) to participate in their Children’s Safety Day on Saturday, 2nd November, 2019. The theme of the event was entitled, “Children Embracing Safety”.




The Cipriani College offers programmes in Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, up to the Bachelor’s Degree level. The institution tasked their students to devise activities for the children attending the event which would be graded as the semester’s coursework mark. Each class was assigned to design activities for children aged 4 to 10 and 11 to 15 years old.


The IOSH CB chose to utilise the board games from the IOSH Managing Safely course. After a quick tutorial session on risk and hazard definitions, the younger children were tasked with identifying hazards and the older kids took on the risk assessment exercises. Snacks were distributed to persons partaking in the exercises.



Members of the IOSH CB Executive interacted with the students and were impressed by the performance of the children. Many students from the school participated in the activities with their classmates, identifying hazards and ranking risk levels during the various game sessions.


The students of Cipriani College also had to opportunity to interact with the IOSH EC members, giving them to opportunity to learn more about IOSH, the benefits of becoming a member and the process for joining IOSH. The EC members also shared information about the branch’s activities including site visits, outreach activities and topics covered during branch meetings. Children participating in the activities were able to understand and embrace fundamental concepts in Safety and evidently, enjoyed the games. Some may have been inspired to consider a career in Occupational Safety and Health.