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IOSH webinars / virtual meetings

Check out the list of our online sessions on a range of topics hosted with our membership network

Webinars and meetings are ideal for keeping your knowledge up to date as well as your CPD. Below is a list of our upcoming webinars/meetings being hosted by IOSH and our membership network. All webinar/meeting timings are shown as UK Time (GMT or BST), unless specified.


Our webinars are focused on providing technical information to larger audiences where you can hear from speakers on a range of relevant subject matter.

No audio rights are available to attendees in these sessions, but you can get involved and put questions to speakers/panellists via the Q&A function.

Zoom meeting

Our Zoom meetings are smaller sessions which provide an interactive platform for you to hear from speakers on specific content, but also get involved in robust discussions and network with other OSH professionals joining the sessions.

Missed a Zoom meeting? You can view these by visiting the relevant Branch microsite on their 'recent events' pages.

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Feature webinar

Covid-19 series webinar: Covid unlocked: How fighting the virus today saw us innovate for tomorrow
Thursday 15 April, 12:30-13:30 BST / 13:30-14:30 CEST

This is part 1 of the three-part Covid-19 Sector Series, which features IOSH's Construction Group, Food and Drink Industries Group and Logistics and Retail Group

Few aspects of our lives, or places in the world, have been left untouched by the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve all been hit by it. Some, sadly, more than others. The same can be said of our economies – the virus has brought a universal trail of business disruption, with some sectors left devastated by enforced closures through most of 2020 into 2021.

Thankfully, some businesses and sectors have been able to innovate and change to survive and, in some cases, thrive. They are building new hopes for a post-Covid future – even as we learn to live with the virus.

This new three-part webinar series, ‘Covid unlocked’, focuses on business sectors that found a way to succeed, exploring the enabling role played by health and safety professionals in helping to keep businesses safe and their workers safer.

April events

Zoom meeting: Minimising Virus transmission from Mechanical Ventilation
Thursday 01 April, 19:00-20:30 BST
South Midlands Branch

The session will provide an explanation of the different types of Air Handling Units, the risk associated with them and what can be done to reduce the possible risk of onward transmission for existing and new installations.
Presenter - David Black. Global Product Manager Air Handling Units – Flakt Group

Zoom meeting: Fit to Drive?
Tuesday 06 April, 14:00-15:30 BST
Merseyside Branch

The presentation will cover, in detail, the consequences of driving while under the influence of drink/ drugs/ both. It will address detection methods and penalties personal and legal.
Presenter - Paul Joseph Mountford, Merseyside Police

Zoom meeting: H&S and HR - collide or collaborate?
Tuesday 06 April, 19:00 BST
South Downs Branch

This session will look at the key cross-over points of these two substantial areas of responsibility and explore how they can work together for the benefit of all concerned.

Zoom meeting: Improving Safety Using Immersive Technology – The future is now
Wednesday 07 April, 18:00 GST / 15:00 BST
UAE Branch

This session will explore immersive technology and provide examples of how it is being used in the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Renewable sectors. The benefits of integrating immersive technology into current practices will be discussed along with developing the safety culture at school - the workforce of tomorrow. Presenter - Sam Slater, CEO V360 Group

Zoom meeting: Health, Safety and the HM Coastguard
Wednesday 07 April, 18:00 BST
North East of Scotland Branch

North East of Scotland Branch invite Calum Christie, Senior Coastal Operations Officer will provide an Overview of HM Coastguard and their work

Zoom meeting: Controlling Contractors
Wednesday 07 April, 11:00 BST
Humber Branch

This presentation sets out the requirements as to what a client should be undertaking when procuring a contractor to undertake construction activities at or on their building/site. Presenter - Raymond Bone, Managing Director, ABBEY Construction Consultants

Zoom meeting: Managing Behavioural Risk During Return To Work Post COVID–19
Thursday 08 April, 13:00 BST
Tyne and Wear Branch

This webinar will explain some of the potential behavioural challenges during return to work post self-isolation/furlough COVID-19 and describe some of the human emotional construct patterns pre- and post-self-isolation/furlough COVID-19. Risk management tools and theories that can help put interventions in place to assist with physical and psychological behavioural challenges will be explored. Presenters - Glen Ridsdale, Managing Director - Gauged Solutions and Scott Moffat, Director, Human Factors, PFC

Zoom meeting: Managing Event Safety from a Police Perspective
Thursday 08 April, 14:00 BST
Edinburgh Branch

We are delighted to invite Neil Wilson, T/Chief Inspector Police Scotland Edinburgh Division and some of his colleagues to provide a presentation on managing events from a police perspective.

Zoom meeting: Legal update
Thursday 08 April, 18:30 BST
Mid Shires Branch

Hayley Saunders from Shoosmiths Solicitors will provide the Branch with an overview of the legal issues affecting the safety practitioner and update you on current issues you may face in your health & safety position.

Zoom meeting: Driving for Better Business
Monday 12 April, 19:00 BST
South Coast Branch

The speaker will provide information and resources to help employers make effective interventions with their drivers and vehicles to improve safety and risk management. Adopting this approach saves much more than it costs.
Presenter - Mark Trimmer, Strategic Road Safety Programme Coordinator with Highways England

Zoom meeting: CDM – where are we going?
Wednesday 14 April, 08:30 BST
London Metropolitan Branch Construction Section

CDM 2015 has now been with us for six years. What is it delivering and how will it be changed? How do you get the best out of it? Phillip Baker, Chair of the IOSH Construction Section of the London Met Branch, will share his views on how to drive improvement in construction worker health and safety.

Zoom meeting: Health and Safety in Hoarded Homes
Wednesday 14 April, 19:00-20:30 BST
South Midlands Branch

This session will be focusing on entering properties, particularly if it’s in a hoarded condition, and the hazards this can present. This can affect estate agents, carers, declutterers, ambulance service, police, funeral directors, environmental health practitioners, in fact, anyone who goes into one. Karen Meadows, Food Safety / Health and Safety Practitioner, Safety in Action / Your Property Options Ltd, will be discussing the different types of hoarding, the variety of hazards and talk through some case studies with photos.
Presenter - Karen Meadows. Director Safety in Action Ltd

Zoom meeting: Workplace Health and Safety and Public Health & Safety requirements: how can we make them compatible?
Thursday 15 April, 13:30 – 14:30 BST
South Cumbria and North Lancashire Branch

James will look briefly at the impact of Covid-19 regulations on workplace health and safety but, his focus will be on managing interfaces between workplaces and the public. 
James will explore the meaning of duties placed on employers and consider the implications of these duties when much of what the public and employers do is driven by a combination social media ‘campaigns’, litigation and insurance requirements. Presenter - James Woolgrove, FIIRSM MCIOB, Director, Heritage Health and Safety

Zoom meeting: Current job market and Managing change during turbulent times at pace
Monday 19 April, 19:15 BST
Thames Valley Branch

Zoom meeting: Health Surveillance
Tuesday 20 April, 14:00-15:30 BST
Merseyside Branch

This session will focus on types health surveillance, legal requirements, health issues, referrals, delivered services, case management and client liaison. Presenter - Neil Williams. Clarity Healthcare Ltd

Webinar: Effective learning from incidents
21 April, 12:00-13:00 BST
Hazardous Industries Group

How do we make sure we can learn from incidents? Every year the list of case histories grows in number and many illustrate that over time lessons are not being learned. In this webinar we will explore the ways you can establish effective learning, check out best practice and join in a discussion on how to improve the arrangements and processes that you have in place. Presenter - Tijs Koerets, Operations Director, European Process Safety Centre (EPSC)

Zoom meeting: HSA Update and Recent accidents in Southern Region
Thursday 22 April, 14:00 BST
Ireland South, Ireland East and Ireland Branches

Recent accidents and fatalities in the Southern region and where we need to focus our attention on. Also an update from the HSA, on strategy and economic sector focus, such as construction, agriculture and vehicles at work. Speaker: Michael McDonagh, Senior Inspector Health & Safety Authority South West Unit.

Zoom meeting: My Health & Safety Journey at the Bentley Motors
Thursday 22 April, 18:30-19:30 BST
North Wales Branch

This session will be an introduction to Laurence Jones, Head of Occupational Health & Safety at Bentley Motors Company Ltd, his background and journey up to 2020; the Bentley company interview processes; first impressions; as well as looking at from February 2020 and beyond. Be sure to register and join us for this first hand insight and account of this fascinating role.

Zoom meeting: Your Future with IOSH
Thursday 22 April, 19:00 BST
East Midlands Branch

Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, Director of Professional Services at IOSH will provide an update on several ongoing projects including the Member Grades Review, Competency Framework, our new CPD scheme and Blueprint 2.0. All these projects aim to enhance the OSH profession and Vanessa will explain how they will be a great benefit to our members.

Zoom meeting: Legal Update
Friday 23 April, 11:00 BST
Yorkshire Branch

IOSH Yorkshire Branch are pleased to welcome Paul Verrico from Eversheds Sutherland LLP, to give a legal update.

Webinar: Personal branding
Monday 26 April, 11:00 BST
Logistics and Retail Group

In this session, Mike Roebuck, Consultant at Shirley Parsons, will provide an overview and some real life experience, of how establishing your personal branding is important for a health and safety practitioner, for both internal and external customers settings.

Zoom meeting: Mentor Meeting – Live CPD Update and Q&A
Monday 26 April, 11:30 BST
South East Branch

There will be a live demonstration of updating and creating a development plan as well as a couple of activities.
The session will then allow people to either spend half hour on their own CPD asking questions if needed or attend a Q&A for peer review interviews or NVQ.

Zoom meeting: South East Branch AGM and Presidential address
Monday 26 April, 12:30 BST
South East Branch

Branch Annual General Meeting followed by an IOSH Presidential address on IOSH shaping the future of safety and health. We are delighted to be joined by IOSH President Jimmy Quinn and IOSH Vice President Tim Eldridge. Following Jimmy's Presidential Tim will provide an update from IOSH. This session will look at how our Institution has and is continuing to support its members, volunteers, trainers, stakeholders and businesses through this pandemic. It will also provide an update on WORK2022 and share how we collaborate worldwide to enhance the future of our profession, influencing positive change to achieve our vision of a safe and healthy world of work.

Zoom meeting: Staffordshire Branch AGM
Monday 26 April, 18:30 BST
Staffordshire Branch

Zoom meeting: Bristol and West Branch AGM
Monday 26 April, 19:00 BST
Bristol and West Branch

Zoom meeting: Tees Branch AGM
Tuesday 27 April, 13:00 BST
Tees Branch

Zoom meeting: North East of Scotland Branch AGM
Wednesday 28 April, 17:15 BST
North East of Scotland Branch

Zoom meeting: Singapore Branch AGM
Wednesday 28 April, 19:30 SGT / 12:30 BST
Singapore Branch

Zoom meeting: Virtual Tour of the Kings Cross Railway Project – Part 2
Thursday 29 April, 12:30 BST
London Metropolitan Branch

With the site almost close to completion on the first phase of construction, this virtual tour will give the audience a chance to look at what has been done in the space of a few weeks since the last one (done in March); current ongoing works including the platform extensions, track renewal and overhead line renewal. Presenter - David White, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure

Zoom meeting: Ireland South Branch AGM
Wednesday 28 April, 19:00 BST
Ireland South Branch

Zoom meeting: West of Scotland Branch AGM
Thursday 29 April, 13:00 BST
West of Scotland Branch

Zoom meeting: Yorkshire Branch AGM
Thursday 29 April, 14:00 BST
Yorkshire Branch

Zoom meeting: Singapore CPD/IPD Session
Friday 30 April, 19:30 SGT / 12:30 BST
Singapore Branch

Zoom meeting: Zoom in to hear the stars on the horizon
Friday 30 April, 13:00 BST
East Anglia Branch

The results of the branch AGM will be followed by a change to find out about the IOSH Council, Board of Trustees and IOSH Committees from two of our leading IOSH professionals, Neil Catton, Vice President and Simon Hatson, member of the Board of Trustees. Both Neil and Simon are Chartered Fellows and former members of the East Anglia Branch Committee. We're also delighted to be joined by Liam from the Future Leaders Steering Group who will talk us through why this Group was set up, what’s been happening, how to get involved and what the aims are for the future.

May events

Zoom meeting: Humber Branch AGM
Tuesday 04 May, 09:30 BST
Humber Branch

Zoom meeting: AGM and Testing and Vaccination in the workplace for Covid-19, including GDPR implications
Tuesday 04 May, 12:00 BST
South West Branch

The branch invites you to attend their AGM followed by a presentation on vaccination in the workplace for Covid-19 including GDPR implications. This presentation contributes towards the IOSH Competency Framework area of Risk Management (Technical). The intended level of OSH is intermediate. Speaker - Manuela Grossman, HR / Employment Law Manager at SSG Training and Consultancy Ltd.

Zoom meeting: Merseyside Branch AGM
Tuesday 04 May, 14:00 BST
Merseyside Branch

Zoom meeting: Manchester and NW Districts Branch AGM
Tuesday 04 May, 19:00 BST
Manchester and North West Districts Branch

Zoom meeting: South Downs Branch AGM and Annual Legal Update
Tuesday 04 May, 19:00 BST
South Downs Branch

The AGM will be followed by the annual legal update from Anne Davies, Partner at FisherBroyles.

Webinar: Releasing laboratory waste to the contractor - from the perspective of a waste store staff
Wednesday, 05 May, 12:30-13:30 BST
Environmental Waste Management Group

This session will share the viewpoints on laboratory waste collection from both lab workers and contractors. It will describe what you should expect from the contractors and how to prepare laboratory waste for collection. Speaker: Jing Wood, Waste and Safety Technician, Department of Chemistry, University of York.

Zoom meeting: Chiltern Branch AGM
Wednesday 05 May, 13:00 BST
Chiltern Branch

Zoom meeting: Tyne and Wear Branch AGM followed by a Legal Update
Thursday 06 May, 13:00 BST
Tyne and Wear Branch

The AGM will be followed by a Legal Update by Lawyer Sarah Frow, from Woods Whur. The update will cover topics relevant to the safety profession centrally around Covid-19 but also covering other areas such as Brexit, Health and Safety Executive statistics and key cases, the Fire Safety Bill, and the Building Safety Bill.

Zoom meeting: Midland Branch AGM
Thursday 06 May, 16:00 BST
Midland Branch

Zoom meeting: Isle of Man Branch AGM
Friday 07 May, 19:00 BST
Isle of Man Branch

Zoom meeting: AGM and IOSH shaping the future of safety and health
Monday 10 May, 12:30 BST
South Coast Branch

The AGM will be followed by a session delivered by IOSH Vice President Ciarán Delaney looking at how our Institution has and is continuing to support its members, volunteers, trainers, stakeholders and businesses through this pandemic. Ciarán will also provide an update on WORK2022 and share how we collaborate worldwide to enhance the future of our profession, influencing positive change to achieve our vision of a safe and healthy world of work.

Webinar: Michael’s Story: Lessons from a preventable fatality
Tuesday, 10 May, 17:30 BST
Offshore Group with NE Scotland and Essex Branches

Michael Adamson was an experienced spark, who died on 4 August 2005, at the age of 26, as the result of an electrical incident at work. Motivated by the need to stop this from happening to others, ‘Michael's Story’ is told by his sister Louise. She talks through the catalogue of errors in health and safety management - any one of which would have been serious enough on its own – which accumulated to prove fatal. Louise Taggart - Workplace Safety Speaker / Michael’s Story.

Zoom meeting: East Midlands Branch AGM
Monday 10 May, 19:00 BST
East Midlands Branch

Zoom meeting: Essex Branch AGM and Legal Update
Tuesday 11 May, 14:00 BST
Essex Branch

The AGM will be followed by an update on developments in health and safety law, including: the on-going challenge of addressing the Covid-19 risks in workplaces; working from home; the case of Maughan and its impact on inquests and the investigation of fatal accidents; the consultation on the proposed Duty to Protect; and the risks of terrorist attack. Presenter - Rob Elvin, Office Managing Partner of the Squire Patton Boggs' Manchester office and the European Head of the Environmental, Safety and Health Group to provide an annual legal update.

Zoom meeting: Northern Ireland Branch AGM
Wednesday 12 May, 10:00 BST
Northern Ireland Branch

AGM and overview of IOSH activities and organisation. Emma Gilmore - Event Chair; Haley Burgess - Q&A Facilitator.

Zoom meeting: South Midlands Branch AGM
Wednesday 12 May, 19:00 BST
South Midlands Branch

Zoom meeting: AGM and Legal Update
Thursday 13 May, 12:15 BST
London Metropolitan Branch

This presentation will cover legislative changes impacting the health and safety arena. Speaker: Kizzy Augustin, Partner at Russell-Cooke. AGM: 12:15 – 12:30 / Presentation: 12:30

Zoom meeting: Edinburgh Branch AGM
Thursday 13 May, 14:00 BST
Edinburgh Branch

Zoom meeting: South Wales Branch AGM
Thursday 13 May, 14:00 BST
South Wales Branch

Zoom meeting: Mid Shires AGM
Thursday 13 May, 18:30 BST
Mid Shires Branch

Zoom meeting: North Wales Branch AGM
Thursday 13 May, 19:00 BST
North Wales Branch

Zoom meeting: Forth and Tay Branch AGM & Presidential Update
Thursday 13 May, 19:00 BST
Forth and Tay Branch

Webinar: Making News Headlines
Friday 14 May, 12:30 - 13:15 BST
Broadcast and Telecommunications Group

This interview style session will see Richard Bradshaw, Head of Health & Safety at Global, talk to Zoe Davies, Head of Safety at the BBC and Michael Byrne, Group Health & Safety Manager at News UK. They will discuss Zoe and Michael's journey into the profession, professional development, and their experiences of working in the fast-paced broadcast industry.

Zoom meeting: Caribbean Branch AGM
Friday 14 May, 17:30 AST / 22:30 BST
Caribbean Branch

Zoom meeting: Ethical frameworks and how they support the OH&S function
Friday 18 May, 13:30 BST
South East and South West Branches

Whenever humans interact, we are influenced by the values and standards of the group we are interacting with. A well designed and appropriately implemented ethical framework provides the structure for explicitly agreeing and confirming, why we exist, what we value and how we live those values. This session will explore ethics and the OSH function and help you recognise the importance of a solid and consistent ethical framework and how it can help us overcome ethical challenges when they appear. Presenter - Simon Cassin FRSPH, CMIOSH, MIIRSM, GIFireE, Director at Ouch Training Team.

Zoom meeting: West Wales Branch AGM
Wednesday 19 May, 17:30 BST
West Wales Branch

Zoom meeting: Qatar Branch AGM
Wednesday 19 May, 19:00 AST / 17:00 BST
Qatar Branch

Zoom meeting: Driver Safety –professional drivers and the grey fleet (driving cars on company business) post Covid 19 and AGM
Thursday 20 May, 13:30 – 14:30 BST
South Cumbria and North Lancashire Branch

The AGM will be proceeded by a presentation from Jonathon Backhouse - Director, Backhouse Jones Solicitors. Today, with his twin brother James, Jonathon practices regulatory law. He acts for logistics and passenger carrying clients throughout the UK and specialises in Public Enquiries, Health and Safety investigations, Crown Court matters representing operators in serious criminal cases such as prosecutions for causing death by dangerous driving, corporate manslaughter and serious Health and Safety offences. He regularly advises RHA and FTA and is a frequent speaker at seminars held by Associations representing the bus, coach, haulage and logistics sectors. 

Zoom meeting: Highlands and Islands Branch AGM
Thursday 20 May, 15:00 BST
Highlands and Islands Branch

Webinar: Manual handling
Wednesday, 26 May, 12:00 BST
Logistics and Retail Group

The IOSH Logistics and Retail Group welcome Chris Quarrie, HSE Inspector for the Health and Safety Executive, who will be delivering this webinar on manual handling and the use of the HSE MAC and RAPP Tool in assessing risk.

Zoom meeting: Oman Branch AGM
Wednesday 26 May, 19:30 GST / 16:30 BST
Oman Branch

June events

Zoom meeting: Practical Fire Safety
Tuesday 08 June, 13:00 BST
Tees Branch

Chris Stone from AC Fire Safety will give a practical insight into: areas of fire safety that organisations commonly get wrong including compartmentation, design and local management; and what to consider when reviewing plans for capital or refurbishment projects. Attendees will be advised how to spot and head off future fire problems at the design stage.

Zoom meeting: Sleep, Mental Health and Safety
Thursday 10 June, 10:00 BST
Tyne and Wear Branch

Good sleep is vital for the safe and effective performance of your job. Being sleepy is the equivalent of being under the influence of alcohol, you would not turn up to work drunk so why would you turn up sleepy? This presentation will cover the importance of good sleep to good physical mental and emotional health as well as its connection with safe working. It will also give proven tips and techniques design to help you sleep better. Speaker - Dr Neil Stanley, Sleep Consultant

Webinar: Violence and aggression to staff in the public sector
16 June, 14:00-15:30 BST
Public Services Group

This will be a webinar covering violence and aggression to staff in the public sector. We are aiming to have 3 speakers with a mop up plenary session to cover questions posed via the Q&A function. The event will be supported on the day by members of the Public Services Group committee.