How to join your branch, district or section committee

Your branch, district or section represents IOSH in your area, providing member benefits, sharing knowledge and leading the local IOSH community. It is supported by a group of dedicated member volunteers who make up the committee.

You can find resources for volunteers, including committee roles and responsibilities, by visiting the Volunteer Portal.

How do I join a branch, district or section Executive Committee?  

Taking up an Executive Committee role is a great opportunity to support your profession, develop your CPD and enhance your skills, experience and leadership. Elected roles each year will vary, depending on vacant positions on Committees at the time.

The next nomination period for branch, district and section committee executive election opens on 17 January.

All branch members will be sent an email from Mi-Voice, an independent organisation administering the branch, district and section 2022 elections on behalf of IOSH. The email will contain a link to the Nominations website where members can access further information about the Executive Committee roles available and complete the nominations form if they want to put themselves forward for a vacant position.

Nominations will close on 01 March.

FAQs and a timeline are available to help members in considering whether to apply for a role.

How do I vote in the 2022 branch, district and section Executive Committee election?

The election period runs from 21 March to 04 April. If a position is contested then all branch members will be able to vote for their preferred candidate(s).

All eligible members will receive an email from Mi-Voice at the beginning of the voting period and a series of reminders after that. The email will give a unique voter code, which will allow you to access the voting site and see the candidates and vote.

On the voting site you will also be able to see which members have been elected to positions uncontested on branch executive committees and the districts and sections associated with them.

The results will be announced by Mi-Voice electronically to all Branch Members as soon as reasonably practicable after the voting period has concluded. All elected members will be confirmed at the branch AGMs, which should be held between 25 April and 31 May.

Confirmation of appointment is subject to the individual signing the Volunteer Agreement prior to the AGM and the term of office of all committee positions is two years.

Branch, District, Section Committee Elections and Branch AGM FAQs
What are the rules that govern the Branches, Districts and Sections?

Regulation 15 prescribes the requirements applicable to branches in accordance with Byelaw 18(2). Amendments were made to the Regulation in 2021 to enable us to hold AGMs virtually and conduct elections electronically while remaining in compliance with Regulations.

How will the election run?

IOSH uses independent electoral services company Mi-Voice to manage a virtual nominations and elections process. Mi-Voice has supported IOSH’s Council elections and members’ AGM for several years.

When nominations open, Mi-Voice will send all branch members a link to the nominations website. Here members can view all vacancies and apply to join their executive committee. All nominations are submitted via this website to maintain a consistent and efficient process. All nominations must be validated by the nominations closing date.

When voting opens, all branch members can access the voting website. They can view statements for contested nominations and choose their preferred candidate(s).

What is a validated nomination?

IOSH will verify each nomination to ensure that the nominee is CPD-compliant (where CPD is a membership requirement for their category), has paid their annual subscription and is not in default of any other financial liability to the Institution.

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their nomination is validated by the closing date of 01 March. Nominations not validated by then are excluded from the election.

What is a contested nomination?

In a contested nomination, the number of nominations received exceeds the number of vacancies available and so requires a vote.

In an uncontested nomination, for example where only one nomination is received and there is only one vacancy for the position applied to, then the nominee is automatically elected without the need for a vote.

Can I submit a nomination for more than one role on a Committee?

Yes, and in fact if you are applying for a Principal Officer role we would also encourage you to submit a nomination for a Committee member role. This would increase your chances of being elected to the committee in some capacity.

Can I submit nominations to sit on different Branch Committees?

No. You may only apply to the Committees that are associated with the Governing Branch on your IOSH membership. For example if you wish to apply for a position on the Chiltern Branch but are currently associated with the Singapore Branch then you would need to request for your record to be changed.

Any member can be associated with any Branch regardless of location.

Please ensure that you are associated with the correct Branch before applying. You can check this information and make any necessary changes by contacting governance@iosh.com.

Can I submit multiple nominations to Committees (District and Section) of a Governing Branch?

Yes. However, if elected to more than one Committee, you may only take up one seat and you will have to choose which you wish to be appointed to: Branch, District or Section.

What will happen if some roles fail to receive any nominations?’

If nominations have not been received for all vacancies by the end of the first nomination period, the timeline will be revised and there will be a further nomination period (second election). The nomination website will reopen and allow members to put forward nominations for all remaining vacancies.

What happens in the result of a voting tie?

In this situation, the candidates who have received the same number of votes will be subject to a further vote.

What will happen if no Corporate Member nominations are received after two elections for a Chair or Vice-Chair vacancy?

In this situation there is a route for Non-Corporate Members to apply to fill either of these positions. An application can be made by members who are currently undertaking the process to become a Corporate Member and submitted to the Performance and Development Committee via the relevant Regional Manager. The application must be supported by the current Committee and the Regional Manager associated with that Committee.

If I miss the nomination period but want to join a Committee, can I be co-opted?

No. Each Executive Committee only has the power to co-opt members, for either a specific purpose, an agenda item or a committee project. Co-optees shall be non-voting members, but for the purpose of the Volunteer Agreement they will have the status of volunteer.

How and when will the results of the election be announced?

The results will be announced by Mi-Voice electronically to all Branch Members as soon as reasonably practicable after the voting period has concluded.

When does the term of office commence and how long is it?

The outcome of the election of branch, district and section committee members will be confirmed at the Branch AGM and an individual’s term of office will become effective as of that date. Confirmation of appointment is subject to the individual signing the Volunteer Agreement prior to the AGM date.

The term of office for all committee positions is two years.

How do I sign the Volunteer Agreement before the Branch AGM?

Following the announcement of the election results and before the Branch AGM you will receive an email from Metacompliance giving you access to the Volunteer Agreement and associated documents which you will need to read and sign via that platform.

Who do I contact if I do not receive any email communication from Mi-Voice?

If you have not received the email, first check your spam or junk folder. If you still cannot find it, please contact the Governance Team at governance@iosh.com.

As stated in the timeline, links to the nomination and voting websites will be made available via the main IOSH website here.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with the voting link?

Mi-Voice will be managing any technical issues and can be contacted at support@mi-voice.com or +44 (0)2380 763 987.

How will the AGM run and what will need to be on the agenda?

All branch AGMs will take place between 25 April and 31 May 2022. The date will be selected by the current branch executive committee in line with the communicated timeline.

Districts and sections are no longer required to hold AGMs. They will, however, be able to report at the associated Branch AGM.

Branch AGM dates should be agreed in advance and branch members should be notified of the agreed date and agenda.

Branch AGM agendas include annual reports from the incumbent branch executive committee chair and the district and sector chairs if any are associated with the branch; the outcome of the election of branch, district and section executive committee members; and confirmation of district and section representatives to the branch executive committee as appropriate.

Who should I contact if I have a question which has not been answered above?

A member of the Governance Team will be happy to help and all questions can be sent to governance@iosh.com.