Why join us?

We’re the Chartered body for safety and health professionals and the profession’s largest membership organisation. We have over 48,000 members representing every industry in around 135 countries.

So why should you join us?

Enhance your career prospects

IOSH membership is recognised worldwide as the benchmark for professional safety and health excellence. Some employers request that their employees have a certain level of membership with IOSH. Working to IOSH standards, adopting IOSH Blueprint, its competency framework, and following its codes of practice can really boost your employability and career prospects.

The IOSH stamp of excellence

You’ve worked hard for your qualifications, so why not showcase your achievements and knowledge by going for one of our post-nominal membership categories? By using your post-nominal letters (AIOSH, Tech IOSH, Grad IOSH, CMIOSH, CFIOSH) on your business cards and email signature, you can demonstrate your professional commitment and credibility. IOSH’s global recognition means that using the IOSH designation after your name can be your key to unlocking professional opportunities around the world.

By joining IOSH, you will show that you’re an actively engaged health and safety professional, committed to achieving the highest levels of knowledge and skill, with the ambition to reach excellence in your chosen field.

Maximise your potential

Membership helps to enhance your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), building your skills, knowledge and expertise to help you become a more rounded and valued safety and health professional. You can record your CPD progress at MyIOSH to enhance your professional credentials.

IOSH Career Hub

Our Career Hub is a benefit for members which offers interactive tools and resources to help you get ahead of the competition, secure your next job and boost your development. Key features of the Career Hub include a CV and cover letter builder, aptitude tests and interview simulator. There is also a huge library of e-learning content to help you develop your business skills and stand out from the crowd. Find out more.

IOSH Mentoring

We know that networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals to share knowledge and skills is invaluable. IOSH Mentoring is a safe, secure platform for members to connect and build relationships with other OSH professionals. Find out more.

Keep up to date

Staying up to date on regulatory changes and industry best practice is essential to your role as a safety and health professional. As an IOSH member you will get regular access to the very latest news and updates, as well as the chance to attend over 400 meetings, events, seminars, webinars and conferences around the world. You’ll receive our weekly e-bulletin, Connect, which will keep you up to date on knowledge and information and can help support your professional growth.

You’ll also be able to get one step ahead of the game by receiving a hard copy of IOSH Magazine. Read inspiring, interesting and relevant articles and learn something new in every issue.

As a member, you’ll also be entitled to a discount on your subscription to IOSH’s twice-yearly international journal - Policy and Practice in Health and Safety, bringing you the best academic and policy discourse on health and safety.

Build your network

IOSH membership will connect you to a vast array of like-minded professionals. It gives you access to regional and industry-specific groups and networks where you can learn and share best practice, insights, ideas and experiences - enriching your skills, capabilities and working life.

Why not join a local branch or an industry group to get local support and guidance? IOSH has 18 industry specific groups and over 40 branches and districts around the globe, supported and driven by a group of member volunteers. Our network of branches, in over 120 countries, strengthen the relationship between IOSH and the global health and safety community at a local level. Find out more.

Become a trainer

We’re a world-leading developer of certificated safety and health training courses. Our courses are delivered by our network of licensed training providers across the UK and all around the world. So as well as becoming a member, why not become a registered training provider and deliver our quality-assured, easy-to-sell and rewarding courses?

Get support from IOSH in times of crisis

The IOSH Benevolent Fund offers practical assistance to members who are experience hardship. If you’ve been an IOSH member for at least three years, or are a former member, the fund can offer practical help, including education or training fees, during long periods of illness, disability (temporary or permanent) or unemployment. Find out more.

You can learn more from our Why Join Us booklet.