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Welcome from the Chair

The Hong Kong Branch was established in 1999 and has been serving around 800 members for two decades.

In 2018/2019, the Branch worked closely with the Headquarter in UK. We have had our inaugural Peer Review Interview done in Hong Kong in late December 2018 after lots of efforts. We have had further Peer Review Interviews conducted in early 2019. This big step forward will help to bring in young talented members to join the Branch as Chartered Members. It then enables the growth of the Branch and these young members concurrently.

In 2019/2020, our main theme is ‘Inheritance and Development’.

We plan for strategies for implementing different aspects of Work 2022 to develop the Branch. We also plan to refer to Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Government’s ‘Construction 2.0’ to identify the coming local key challenges.

They local key challenges include the Lantau Tomorrow Vision, which estimated preliminarily to cost over HK$600billions. It involves huge artificial island reclamations as well as road and rail infra-structures. ‘Cavern Development’ to accommodate suitable government facilities will be another key area of development. The estimated great increase in annual turnover of the construction industry in the coming 10 years provides a clear indication of the amount of projects. We need not only be able to equip ourselves to overcome these challenges but also be able to re-engineer these challenges to become our opportunities.

We will support young talented members to clear the obstructions for them to develop. At the same time, the Branch also needs these young talented members to strengthen the Branch and push it to another level.

A new subcommittee, preliminarily named Young Members’ Subcommittee, is being considered to allow early identification of the young members’ needs and create more opportunities to develop them to take over the Executive Committee Member posts gradually.

A series of strategic Continuing Professional Development events are being planned matching the main theme this year ‘Inheritance and Development’ and the Hong Kong Development needs.

We will set up the inaugural Initial Professional Development workshop to allow mentors and mentees meeting face to face bi-monthly for coaching and sharing with others to support them leading to Chartered Membership.

Lastly, I would like to conclude with a Chinese saying ‘A thousand miles begins with a single step’. (Original Meaning in Chinese千里之行, 始於足下.). Let us all Hong Kong Branch Executive Committee Members and the Hong Kong members working together to re-engineer our challenges to become our opportunities. 

Duane Cheung
Chairman 2019/2020

Contact the Hong Kong Branch:

Branch correspondence, to Mr Raymond Man:
PO Box 60010
Tsat Tsz Mui Post Office
Hong Kong

Email: hongkong@ioshnetworks.com
Telephone: (852) 9025 6767
Fax: (852) 2773 0550

Hong Kong member benefits

There are lots of readily available benefits for IOSH members and in addition to this you can enjoy the following discounts by presenting your membership card in Hong Kong:

  • 15% discount at Asia Pacific Industrial Safety Equipment
  • 10% discount at Swindon Book Co. Ltd.
  • 10% discount at Hong Kong Book Centre Ltd.
  • 10% discount at Kelly & Walsh Ltd.
  • 15% discount at Open University of Hong Kong for enrolling LIPAC Programmes
  • Discount and special offers at Chanti Wine Ltd. with completed special postal order form
    To find out more about these benefits and any restrictions that apply, please download this document.

Safety Training Certificate

The branch has successfully been authorised by the Labour Department to issue Mandatory Basic Safety Training Certificates (Green Cards) to our eligible members under Section 6BA(4) of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance.

Chartered Fellows, Chartered, Graduate and Technical Members can apply for the Green Card free of charge provided that they have undertaken no less than 5 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes in the immediate past 12 months. They also need to have updated their relevant knowledge through CPD programmes from time to time.

Members who wish to apply for the Green Cards should submit a completed application form, and send it together with one copy of a valid CPD certificate with a recent photograph to the Administrative Officer, Mr Raymond MAN via email or by post.