IOSH members invited to take part in EBRD review

IOSH members have an opportunity to contribute to a review of the future work of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The bank, which is committed to enhancing OSH standards in developing countries, is currently undergoing a five-yearly review of three governance documents which inform the work it does.

The three governance policies under review are: the Environment and Social Policy; the Public Information Policy; and the Project Complaint Mechanism Rules of Procedure.

For this review, EBRD stakeholders, including civil society organisations, industry associations, community representatives from countries of operations, clients, other international financial institutions and international organisations, are invited to participate in the public consultations.

Following the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the bank in 2016, IOSH is planning to respond to the consultation and is inviting members to either help formulate this response by sharing their comments.

IOSH believes its members will be particularly interested in the Environmental and Social Policy, which covers health and safety issues and its ten ‘performance requirements’, including:

  • Assessment and management of environmental and social impacts and issues (PRI)
  • Labour and working conditions (PR2)
  • Health and safety (PR4)
  • Information disclosure and stakeholder engagement (PR10)

Richard Jones, IOSH Head of Policy and Public Affairs, said:

“Investment banks, such as EBRD, can potentially have a significant impact on occupational safety and health, through the requirements and standards they apply to the projects they fund. So this review of its governance policies is a great opportunity to help ensure they are current and rigorous”.

IOSH members can help inform the Institutions submission, by sending comments to consultation@iosh.com by 16 March 2018.

There will be two phases to the review. The first, pre-drafting stage is the consultation. Comments will be discussed during the Civil Society Programme at the EBRD Annual Meeting in Jordan in May.

The second phase of the review will involve public consultation on the three draft policies during 2019, as set out in the EBRD’s Public Information Policy. This will include a second period for online comment and public meetings will be held in a number of the EBRD’s countries of operations.

The EBRD expects the draft policies to be ready for disclosure in early 2019 and, following further public consultation, adoption by May 2019, so that the policies can take effect by the following November.

Derran Williams, IOSH member and Senior Health and Safety Advisor at the EBRD, said:

“This consultation review of the EBRD Environmental and Social Policy is extremely important. The results will include helping the EBRD with assessing and structuring projects over the next five years with meeting an acceptable standard of health and safety.

“IOSH members have a diverse in-depth knowledge and experience and can therefore offer a valuable contribution to this review”.

IOSH members wishing to also respond individually to the EBRD can do so by visiting here here and responding to policyreviews2019@ebrd.com by 10 April 2018.

Image: A safety demonstration on a previous EBRD project in Moldova

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